Super Sunday
Just £1
0 days 06:42:53
Pick 5 numbers (1-54) + 1 Star Ball (0-9)

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About Super Sunday

Super Sunday

You’re betting on Super Sunday, which is based on the outcome of the El Gordo de la Primitiva draw.

Sunday, 21:30 Local Time

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Spice up your Sundays with a jackpot that sizzles even hotter than your fry up. 🍳

Exclusive to LottoGo, our Super Sunday game has a guaranteed £1 MILLION up for grabs every single week.

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Your Numbers

Match all six numbers together to smash our £1 million jackpot!

To place your bet:
  1. Pick five Main Balls from 1 - 54
  2. Pick one 'Star Ball' from 0 – 9
If you match all five Main Balls PLUS the Star Ball, you’ll hit the jackpot.

If you match the Star Ball alone (with no other Main Balls), you’ll win your money back!

The Draw You're Betting On

Super Sunday is based on the numbers drawn in El Gordo de la Primitiva, which happens every Sunday in Madrid.

We know that what really matters is the chance of landing the big one – so, unlike El Gordo de la Primitiva, Super Sunday offers just TWO prize tiers, as set by us – the jackpot prize, and a refund prize.

In return, we offer a jackpot game that’s easy as peas to understand, and cheap as chips to get involved with.

Odds & Prizes

Head on over to our Odds & Prizes page to see what our prizes are based on and check out all the odds! 📜


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Super Sunday Results

Super Sunday Results